Friday, July 13, 2007

Bubbletop Beta and c0ding c4mp

The Bubbletop Widget Platform is about to launch their beta site and open it up to developers according to an invitation they have sent out.

From their email:

"Have you ever felt like your RSS feed aggregator was missing a social component? Want to see what your friends are reading? Then BubbleTop is for you"

Sounds fun. Note that the site still says alpha.

They are also holding several events, including a c0ding c4mp (c00l!), to generate widget developer interest for Bubbletop.

This is the same group that is behind Pikeo. It all looks promising, well thought out, and nicely designed. I am interested to find out to what degree they are offering a full fledged widget environment and how it differs from what is out there already. They did mention a social component...

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